Creative Director


In an increasingly technological world, how can we make kids play less with their smartphone or tablet, and more with their toys?


Create an app so that they don’t play so much with apps.

Hot Wheels TrueSpeed the app that allows kids to see what speed their cars can reach. TrueSpeed detects the speed of a Hot Wheels and converts it into actual scale. Kids will not only measure the exact speed of a Hot Wheels in km/h, they will also be able to see what that speed would be if the toy cars were real-size cars. And since we want kids to spend more time in the real world and less in the virtual one, the app also allows them to play with friends, challenging each other to break speed records with their respective cars. A simple and fun mobile app that uses technology to encourage kids to play one of the most popular real-life games of all time: car racing.


Tags: App, Mobile